Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dog Bowl Stand

So I've been telling Christian for a while that I wanted to get Buddy a dog bowl stand. I always felt bad when I watched Buddy get his food or water, because he had to lean down so far since he is so tall. I've looked at pretty much every store around and they were all way too small. Buddy is 108lbs. and his tall. Christian is very handy and loves to build things out in the garage, so he made Buddy his own stand. He just finished it last night and we brought it in tonight and I LOVE it!!!!
So darn cute!!!!!
We wanted to put something on the front and I wasn't sure what, so we decided to put his name!
I am so happy to have a handyman husband b/c I know I couldn't find one this cute out there in the stores!
Christian also built our aquarium stand also. We have a 75 gallon salt water tank and that is his baby.
This definitely a conversation piece when we have people over and all the kids love it!
I love having a talented husband! My mom and I both have a list of things we want him to build! We are still waiting though.
I told him he needs to start selling this stuff on the side and maybe I can stay home..HA!!!


Abby said...

OK, that dog bowl stand is beautiful! I mean he even did molding on it! I'm soo impressed. It looks great! And your fish take is awesome!! How nice that you can just "order up" some furniture:)

Anonymous said...

Hey what about his sissy that he just loves! I will make my list.

Anonymous said...

I did not even say how cute that is I think Buddy is the KING of dogs!!