Monday, February 15, 2010

Hair Advice

I am undecided about my hair and I have an appointment at the end of the month, so I am starting to think about what I want to do with it. I've always been the one to grow my hair out and then chop it off! I also like to change my hair color a lot for some reason, but I usually end up with some sort of high lights. I wanted to share a few pictures with you and then you tell me what you like!
This summer I was growing my hair out for my wedding! I really like the color in this picture. My hair is so thick it takes forever to dry and it gets tangled when it is longer.
I did cut it to my shoulders in August for our vacation b/c I didn't want to deal with long hair while at the beach.
After my wedding in October I chopped it!I was so ready for a change and was tired of dealing with longer hair. It is really easy and it doesn't tanlge at all!
Here is my most recent picture of my hair. It is really blond right now and I am having a hard time with my roots. I feel like they are showing like a week after I get my hair done.
I also wanted to share this picture of me from last Spring with dark hair and yes I realize I look huge in this picture.
Ok so please share what you like best and what looks best! Length, color, style????


Abby said...

I love your current length and the color that's in the first picture:) But I'm not a very daring person so I don't know if you should take my opinion:)

Jenna said...

I vote hairdo #4!!!

Lauren Kelly said...

I totally love the second picture!!! :)

Rachel said...

Hi, I found your blog through Kelly's Corner. I am in the process of growing out my hair. I think you should let it grow! It's really pretty long (not that it isn't shorter) Maybe you should ask your hairstylist for more lowlights than highlights, and thinner highlighted strands so that the roots don't show up as quick. ;)

Allyson said...

I love pictures #2 and #4. You look great in all of them though! Cant wait to see what you decide.

Anonymous said...

I like the way you have it cut now I think it looks good on you!