Thursday, February 11, 2010

Restaurant Sanitation Grades

I know not every state has to post their sanitation grade but North Carolina does...Thank Goodness!!! I have a really weird habit of not eating anywhere with a low sanitation grade. When I say low I mean lower than like a 98 or so. They grade them just like we were graded in school..A, B, C...and they give you an actual score. This is the first thing I look for when we enter a restaurant and several times I've convinced Christian to leave. One night we went to Chilis and we left because they had a low B, so we went to a steak house and they also had a B. Everytime we go to a restaurant in that area the sanitation grades are really low, so we've come to the conclusion it might be the inspector in that area of restaurants. Tonight we went to try this new Greek restaurant and they had a 96 as their grade, so we left. This might sound mean, dumb, or rude but I usually always find some nice reason why we need to leave. I always have a hard time when we go to Florida because they do not have to post their grades and I'm always wondering what their grade is. Christian's dad always wants to take us to a hole in the wall restaurant and I love hole in the walls, but only local ones that I know the history and the sanitation grade! Anyways...I just wanted to share with yall a little weirdness of mine!!! Does your state of grades posted?
 I've decided I'm going to bed super early tonight. I don't really feel well and I just want to go to sleep! I hope you all have a happy Friday! I am so ready for the weekend!!! Do you have any exciting Valentine's Day plans?


The Dorns said...

Here in CA they have to post on their door the date of the last visit and a pass or fail flier on the window. Im not sure if they have a grade or not but Im checking now. Ive never seen a Fail before it seems they all say pass. Although I have seen the sign that this establishment has lost its liquor license.

Tasha said...

If visiting the state of Florida, you can look up the restaurant's inspection report which you plan to visit on your cpu,blackberry or laptop at: