Friday, February 12, 2010

Oh How I LOVE Him

Since Valentine's Day is this weekend I thought I would do a post about my love and Valentine, my wonderful Hubby! I wanted to share the TOP 10 REASONS I LOVE CHRISTIAN!!! I could go on and on, but I decided to do 10! (these are in no particular oder)
  1. He loves me for who I am! There has never been a day in our relationship where he has tried to change me. He might not always understand or question things, but he still love ME!!!!
  2. His creativity, he is always thinking of new things to build or do for the house! He is very good handy man and I love that about him!
  3. He hardly ever tells me no and will usually give in to me!
  4. I love that he does the dishes for me pretty much every night after dinner!
  5. His love for me! I know I'm hard to deal with at times, but he does a great job at loving me and being a great husband!
  6. He is such a hottie :-)
  7. His dedication, when he puts his mind to something he sticks with it until he is finished.
  8. I love his outlook on life and always wants the best for us and looking out for us!
  9. He has taken the responsibility of paying the bills, grocery shopping, and making life easier on me!
  10. I love his fun outgoing personality! He is usually very outgoing and is usually up for anything!
I LOVE YOU CHRISTIAN and I can't wait to spend many more Valentine's Days together! You are the best Valentine ever!
I want to share a few pictures of my sweet husband!
 Waiting on me to come down the aisle on our wedding day!
One of my favorite moments ever...we were just married!
On our honeymoon!
We are celebrating Valentines Day tomorrow and having lunch at PF Chang's! I didn't really feel like fighting the crowds tomorrow night or Sunday, so I made us reservations for lunch!  What do y'all have planned for Valentine's?  It is snowing outside AGAIN (it hasn't snowed this much here in a long time) and our yard is already covered, so hopefully it will now mess up our lunch plans tomorrow.

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Abby said...

Thats a really cute picture of you guys. I don't know what our Vday plans are. Jonathan says he has stuff planned for tomorrow so it's a surprise for me:)