Monday, July 12, 2010

Buddy...Our Spoiled Boy

Tonight we took Buddy to Petsmart with us and oh did he have a good time! He looked at the birds and barked at the cats that were up for adoption. We were out of dog food and treats. He ended up getting two different kinds of treats and a toy. We let him walk down the toy aisle and pick one out. We had to tear the tag off so the guy could scan it b/c Buddy would not let it go...LOL. He has not let go of it since we got home, he is just like a little kid! I can't wait until we can take Macey on our little family outings!
Sorry if this post looks weird, I am using the blogger app on my new phone. I am that lazy tonight to get off the couch and get the computer.

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Abby said...

So cute! Coda gets like that with special toys too. Please tell me you've seen the Petsmart commercial (it's from a while ago) where the little weiner dog had that same toy in his mouth and wouldn't drop it so they just put him up on the scanner. hehe. I'm pretty sure they couldn't have done that with your dog:) LOL! But that just reminded me of it:)