Friday, July 9, 2010

Nursery Supplies

First of all let me start with saying TGIF and thank you guys for your opinions on my post about the decals! This week has been so long, even if I did have Monday off. I've been so tired this week and all I want to do is lay around and sleep. Christian and I do not have any plans this weekend and I'm so excited about that!!! I love weekends with nothing to do. We went to eat Mexican for dinner and then to Lowe's. We wanted go ahead and get the paint and supplies for the nursery. I think Christian is going to take an advantage of a free weekend and start working on the paint. The poor guy has so much taping to do since we are doing stripes!
Christian is such a good husband! He gathered all the paint and chandelier together and took a picture for my blog! We decided to do the dark and medium purple stripes with a chair rail and light purple at the top! We also went ahead and bought this chandelier. We've been looking around and I haven't really found one that I liked and one that didn't look cheap. Christian really liked this one, so we bought it!
It is really girly like I like and it isn't too big (it looks bigger in this picture than it really is).
We bought these pink crystal knobs for her changing table a while back and Christian put them on tonight! I love them and think they are too cute! I'm telling you I want a super girly nursery!
Final thing...Christian and I are debating whether or not we should paint the ceiling the same light purple that the top of the walls are going to be? What do you think? I'm undecided and he really might kill me if I have him paint the ceiling purple and didn't like it and make him repaint it! 
Have a great weekend!


Katie's Journey said...

This is going to be the cutest little girl's room ever! I am a huge fan of white ceilings, but that is a personal preference. I think that really helps a room to seem bigger. It will also to help brighten up the room a little too. I love that chandelier!!!

Abby said...

It's going to be so cute! I can't wait to see it all together! I would be scared to paint the ceiling. It's such an awful job and it would stink to not like it and then have to paint it back. I say you just leave it white:) I want to do a chandalier too! They make girl nurseries look so cute!