Monday, January 3, 2011

Back to Work

Today is the day that I have dreaded since I found out I was pregnant...going back to work. I've know from the beginning that I just can't stay home right now, but I just wasn't ready to leave my sweet girl yet. I have cried about it, argued about it, prayed about it and I know I will find peace sooner or later with it. I still want to be the one to feed all day, put down for naps, be there when she wakes up, hold her when she cries, watch cartoons with her... I'm very lucky that my parents are able to keep her, so I know she is in good hands.
But I'm still missing her like crazy today!


Lauren said...

Awwww!!! But what a blessing that she can be with your parents :)

Our Family said...

I know it is very hard to return to work after having a baby. My "baby" is 5 yrs. old and we are excpecting our 2nd daughter in April. I am already dreading the return. I hope your time at work goes by very fast. However, speaking from experience, it will make you treasure the time you have together even more valuable. Happy New Year! :) Lana