Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pillow Time

No excuses to why I haven't blogged lately except for the fact I'm just too lazy...and then this week Macey has been sick.
Anyways...I have plenty to blog about and I want to do the Accent Vlog too. Since today is my Friday and I do not come back to work until Tuesday, maybe I'll get caught up.
Macey loves to get in the middle of mine and Christian's bed and climb all over the pillows!!!
This is usually what Christian does with her while I am in the bathroom getting ready if we are going somewhere. 
She laughs and has so much fun with it. I love to here her little giggles! 
I think this was one night before bed. It is a good way to burn some energy! 
Love this sweet baby to pieces!!! 
Also, Macey FINALLY has her 1st tooth coming in!!! I thought my child would never get a tooth. I spotted it last night and was so happy. I seriously thought she was going to be walking before she got a tooth.


Abby said...

Sweet baby getting her exercise:) I've missed you! Hope M is feeling better and you can get caught up!

Allyson said...

So precious!