Saturday, September 3, 2011

iPhone Pics

A couple of weeks ago Christian and I both got the iphone!!! And YES I am in love with it. Although, I'm still learning how to use it. If you have any tips or anything you love and I must know about...please share :) Also, what Twitter App do you use? I can't get pictures to Twitter unless I email to Twitter.
So I thought I would share a few pictures I have taken so far.
Macey at the doctor when she was sick :( She has a little cold and the croup. So sad. My big girl weighed 19lbs!!! 
Last Saturday Macey and I went to my nephews 1st football game and cheered him on!!! This was when she started feeling bad, so no smiles. 
Saturday night we went to a baseball game and started to pour as soon as we got there, so I entertained myself by taking pictures. Luckily it did not rain long. 
It was so nice outside one morning, so we spent the whole morning outside! So ready for Fall!
Friday night we went to dinner at this place called Hillbilly Hideaway!!! It is a little country place that brings buckets of home cooked food to your table and then they have a barn where they have live Blue Grass music. My family is from KY, so yes they like Blue Gass :)

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Kelly said...

Iphones are the greatest! i just learned that you can take a picture of screens, or a pause on a video..make sense? prob. not!
say you had a great smile on a video you took, hold down the power button on top and the other main button on the middle at the same time and you can take a picture. or if you wanted to take a picture of say, your twitter page... hold down both buttons at same time and you will have a picture! hope that makes sense... can't think of an easier way to explain!

have fun with your new toy!