Monday, September 12, 2011

Things for Fall

I am so ready for Fall!!!
I have been buying so many cute fall things for Macey and I can't wait to dress her in them. The poor baby has never hurt for clothes, but we were lacking in the fall (12month) sizes. So of course I had to go shopping.
I also picked up her Halloween costume from Carter's. It was such a good deal I could not pass it up. I was trying to decide between a lady bug or pumpkin and I decided on the pumpkin. I bought a black turtle neck to go under it. I can't wait to dress her up!!!

Macey will be sporting this little Turkey dress at Thanksgiving!!! I love it!!!
These cute little baby Toms are on their way to our house. I found them in the mall on Saturday, but they did not have her size, so I ordered them online!!! They are so darn cute!!


Jenna said...

So cute!! I love, love, love those tiny toms!

Abby said...

We got Adalyn a costume from Carters too. We didnt have the ladybug or I would have gotten that. We got her the pink and grey cat. I love their stuffed costumes and I couldnt pass up the sale plus coupon I had:)

Where is that dress from? I LOVE it!