Thursday, October 27, 2011


Last Thursday I watched little Hannah for my friend Molly.
Hannah and Macey are only two weeks apart and are totally BFF's!!!
We live in the same neighborhood, so we try to get them together often.
I love this picture of them looking at each other. I wonder what they thinking or trying to say to each other. Probably something like this:
Hannah "Why does your crazy Mom have these crazy hats on our heads inside and insisting on taking our picutre?"
Macey "I'm not sure why she always insist on getting a picture with crazy stuff on my head...but she has been doing since the day I was born, so I'm just use to it."

I had them bundled up because we were going for a wagon ride and it was cold outside!
They both enjoyed the ride and talked the whole time!
Once again they are looking at me like "seriously lady stop taking pictures of us"
My sweet girl...this was her last day before she turned one.

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Jessica said...

Aww~! What a perfect day for a wagon ride. I'm like you- always have my camera out. I think in a few years our kids will get so used to it, they won't notice anyway. Ha! Loved your Vegas pics, too! We went several years ago and stayed at Excalibur. : )