Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Las Vegas

Christian and I went to Las Vegas at the beginning of October with my sister and her husband for our anniversary!!! I was so excited about getting away but sad about leaving Macey. We left her with my parents and she did great. I'm sure I missed her way more than she missed me.
We had just arrived at the airport in Vegas. 
My sister and her husband. 
Christian and I in the phone booth at the Mirage! 
My sister and I! 
This was our favorite place to eat at...Ellis Island. It is a locals place my parents told us about and the food was so good and the prices were even better!
The Eiffle Tower!!! 
The Luxor...where we stayed. 
The Bellagio water show. The show was so pretty especially at night.
We were there Thursday through Monday and enjoyed out trip!!!
We did so much walking but we wanted to see everything while we were there!

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Allyson said...

How fun! I hope to go to Vegas next year for my 30th birthday with the hubs and some of our friends.