Saturday, August 18, 2012

Children's Museum!

My mom and I took Macey to the Children's Museum and she loved it!!!
Playing in the fire truck!! 
Playing on the plane!!! This was one of her favorites because it had a slide to go down! 
Having a tea party on the train!! 
The train was also on of her favorites!! Girlfriend LOVES choo choo trains lately. 
Checking out he bunnies!!! 
We even got to go in with the chickens!!! 
Collecting rocks! 
Macey loved this little play kitchen/ restaurant! I have no clue how she knew put the cups on the tray. I guess we go out to eat too much! 
Such a big girl!
They also have a play grocery store, but I didn't take any pictures. She loved being able to push around the carts and fill them up! We will be going back here this winter when it is cold, since most of it is inside!

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Kelly said...

We go there all the time! We are just going to have to meet up one of these days!