Tuesday, November 20, 2012

First Movie

We decided to attempt to take Macey to her first movie tonight! We have a little $1.50 theatre near us and they had Ice Age 4 playing. So all three of us went had a drink and popcorn for $6 and that way we wouldn't have wasted a lot of money if she wouldn't last! She did pretty good, but got a little loud half way through, so we decided to leave!
Macey and Daddy with popcorn and their drink! This was her first time having popcorn and I would only give her little pieces, but she loved it!
Such a big girl waiting for the movie to start! 
This was her favorite part!
We would let her have some of the drink to keep her quiet. At least I was smart enough to get Sprite, so it was caffeine free. She has only had sips of any kind of soft drink, so this was a treat! 
It was a fun little family night, but I think we will wait a little longer before we go again with Macey :)

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Kelly said...

Too cute!! Looks like a fun family night!
I bought Dumbo for a car ride and they could have cared less. We can't get past baby eitstein and the wiggles!