Sunday, November 18, 2012

Our Weekend!

We had a pretty low key weekend and didn't really do too much. My FIL was in town, so we just hung around the house and let him spend time with Macey.
Every time we go to Target Macey has to go see these big red balls out front. She loves them! She looks so big in this picture!
We took Buddy to get pampered yesterday, since he has been so depressed acting lately and jealous of Macey! He got a bath, new leash, new name tag, and toy! Here he is after his busy day yesterday relaxing! He smelled good and look so pretty when he got home. I tell him he doesn't realize how good he has it all the time... :) 
Here is my toddler looking like a teenager this morning before church with her hand on her hip. Christian also said she looks like an orphan because I had so many colors on her, but I thought she looked pretty darn cute! 
We spent the afternoon at the house and took Macey outside to ride her bike! 
Hope you all had a great weekend!

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