Thursday, November 15, 2012

Macey and Buddy!!!

I tried to get a few pictures of Macey and Buddy today and it was hard!!!
I love this one!!! They are both looking at the camera! 
Somedays these two like each other, but most days he doesn't really want to be bothered with her. He isn't mean, just ignores her, but she LOVES him. Can't you see the excitement on his face!?!
My furbaby looks like such an old man here with the gray beard. It makes this momma sad. Buddy will be 7 in March which isn't that old, but he is starting to show some age :( I've heard big dogs age sooner and well I think it might be true...He is a very big black lab (118lbs BIG), but he is still our first baby! Bringing Macey home definitely turned his world upside down...poor dude! We literally treated him like a child and while I still try to it can be hard with Macey around and he has taken it hard and 2 years later he still pouts all the time. Anyone ever experience this? Any advice?


Kelly said...

Such sweet pictures! We had a black lab. He lived to be 14.Best dogs ever! We had to put him down when I was pregnant :( - I know Max and Claire would have loved having a dog!

Sarah said...

Hi Crystal! Hoped over from Food, Fun and Fitness and saw that Macey is only a few months older than Drew. And we have a black lab too! (Plus another chocolate... both mixes). Anyway, cute blog and nice to meet you!