Friday, November 16, 2012

New Bag!

Earlier this week I posted about wanting a Petunia Pickle Bottom bag! I saw a picture of one online and I was instantly in love :) A fellow blog friend was sweet enough to email me and said me she had one for sale, but unfortunately I decided against that particular style and wanted more of a purse style. Thanks for trying, Kilbi!
I'm friends with another sweet girl on Facebook that I went to college with and I knew she had a Petunia Pickle bag that I had saw in pictures, so I messaged her asking her if she like it. Since these bags are kinda pricey, I wanted to make sure I buy the best fit for us. Well by surprise she said she wasn't using hers anymore and offered to sell hers. I was so excited! I met up with her this morning and I'm so in love with it! 
Christian's dad is in town visiting from Florida this weekend and we've had such a fun day!
We met Christian for lunch at my favorite BBQ place, Country BBQ! 
After that we went to the mall, so Macey could ride the carousel! 
Grandpa Steve also took Macey to ride on the train at the mall!
Macey is loving having her Grandpa here! I hope you all have a nice weekend!


Kelly said...

Love your new bag!!

Abby said...

Love your bag!!! I'm soo jealous. I want a PPB bag!