Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Go Kris Allen!

Today has just been a normal Tuesday. I went to work and the highlight of my day was meeting Christian for lunch! We only work about 10 minutes from each other, so it is nice that we get to do lunch together pretty regularly.
This evening I ran to a couple of stores to get curtains for our master bedroom and sliding glass doors in our dining room! Pictures to come soon. I didn't have too long b/c I had to hurry home to watch American Idol. I just adore Kris Allen :-) I plan on voting for hime like 100 times, but I can't get through...I'm going to be so nervous tomorrow night watching the show. I so hope Kris Allen wins!

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Katie Spinks said...

hey there just found your blog - just wanted to say Im voting for Kris too all the way (even though I cant really vote in Canada but if I could)