Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I Heart Target!

I have found so many cute things at Target on the clearance rack lately, I just want to go to every Target around and search all the racks. I have gotten 3 new dresses, 2 jackets, and 2 bathing suits and I believe the most I paid for one item was around $12! Christian is going to start monitoring how many I go Target...Ha.

Last night Christian and I went to Panera for dinner and I had the new Poppyseed Strawberry Salad! It was so yummy, I am sure I will be having it a few more times this summer! I've been trying to do better and watch what I eat, so it makes me happy to find a new salad that I like.

Today has just been a normal Wednesday and we are 2 days closer to the weekend! Tonight we have just watched TV b/c it is raining and storming. Some roads in the city are flooding b/c of the rain, so I just stayed in.

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Jessica said...

I just bought a new top at Target too! They really do have such cute stuff!