Monday, June 1, 2009

Oh How I Love Weekends

We had a wonderful weekend here in sunny NC! We could not have had better weather finally! We were able to go out on our boat both days of the weekend and had such a good time. That was pretty much our weekend. Saturday we did not get off the lake til 7 and went to grab something to eat at Outback and to bed we went. We also went out on the lake on Sunday but didn't stay as long b/c I had somethings I had to do. Here is Buddy in his new life jacket. I know he really doesn't need one but I would feel much better if he had one on while he was on the boat. He was so funny with it on b/c he would walk side ways with it, I guess it felt funny to him.

After we went to the pet store to get Buddy his life jacket, we had to go grocery shopping. I absolutely can't stand grocery shopping. That is usually Christian's chore, but since we were right there I went with him. I always spend way too much money at the store and leave with only 2 bags. I also ran by Target b/c I wanted to get a bedspread for my guest room. When I got home last night I was so excited to put the new bedspread on the bed well........ it was supposed to be an 8 piece set well only 3 pieces were in the bag, the bedspread and 2 pillows. I was so mad b/c I usually always check stuff like that at the store but for some reason I didn't last night. So I had to wait til today and go back to change it, but it all worked out in the end!

Here is a picture of Christian and I on the boat on Sunday. Isn't Christian's straw hat cute? I call him my old man b/c he acts way older than he is but I love him so much!

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