Thursday, June 18, 2009

Little Bit of Soccer and Hanging

Ahh...tomorrow is finally Friday! This week has seemed a little long to me. I am beyond ready for the weekend. Christian's dad is coming in town on Saturday, so I've been trying to get everything together around the house.
Tonight was a fun night. Christian is starting to play on an adult soccer team on Wednesday and it was suppose to start this Wednesday, but it got cancelled b/c of the rain. The make up game is tomorrow night. Well tonight Christian thought it would be a good idea to go and practice a little bit, since he hasn't really played since the beginning of college (2001/2002). We have soccer fields right near our neighborhood, so it was really convenient. I went with him so I could walk, while he played. We also took Buddy and he had so much fun. He wore himself out so quick running all around. I don't know who is more out of shape us or him.
Here is a picture of Christian and I from tonight. I actually enjoyed it and look forward to going some more and getting some walking in!
Here is Buddy and Christian running around chasing the ball. I swear Buddy is just like little kid.
Once we got home Christian was so sweet and finished hanging our pictures in the master bedroom. I might actually participate in Kelly's "Show Us Where You Live" tour next week. Hope you have a HAPPY FRIDAY!!!

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