Monday, September 14, 2009

Spoiled Buddy!

We all know that I love my dog so much and I treat him like a human! Yesterday while my mom and I were out running errands, I had to run into Petsmart to get a Buddy a new toy. It is so funny when I bring the bag home with the toy, it is like he knows it is for him. He will sit there and stare at the bag until I give him the toy. I guess he can smell! I got him a red football yesterday that squeaks. What was I thinking? He has played with it non-stop! He has so many toys and it is funny when I come home from work b/c he usually has them all out on the living room floor when I get home from work. I guess he gets bored during the day!
Tonight after work we went to my parents house for dinner! We had salmon patties, cheese potatoes, macaroni and cheese, cucumber salad, and corn on the cob....yummy! Well I thought it would be funny to let Buddy eat the rest of corn off the cob! He isn't suppose to have much table food but I sneak it to him when Christian isn't watching!
It was so cute watching him eat it with his front teeth! He actually did a good job and got it off! That dog will do anything for food. He's a big boy...a big whopping 108lbs!

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