Monday, November 16, 2009

Missing the hubby

Tonight has been kind of lonely around here.  Christian has to work a split shift at work for the next two weeks, which means he goes in around 12:30 and doesn't get to come home until around 10:30. Blah...the joys of being the boss. They are in the process of training a lead for this shift, so in the mean time he gets to work the shift.  Oh much as I miss him at night, it gives me a chance to have "me time".  Tonight I went to Ross to see if I could find a tall vase to go beside my fireplace,  I had no luck though. I am in thr process of cleaning out my house and de-cluttering it! So I'm trying to get rid of little things and replace it with one big thing.  We'll see what comes of it..
I also put my Thanksgiving turkey flag up tonight! I love this little flag and I think he is too cute.  You actually blow up his belly to make him round.  This is really my only Thanksgiving decoration.  I have left my fall decorations out too.  I can't wait to start decorating for Christmas!

Well I'm to go get in bed and cuddle with this cute boy!

I believe he was staring at a treat that I was holding up.  That is the only way I can get him to sit!

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