Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Web Cam!

Web cam the greatest creation ever! So I might sound way out of date but today was my first time using a web cam.  My boss is taking over the Charlotte branch of our company also and he will now be managing both offices.  Well he wanted us to all to get web cams for our computers for training purposes and to communicate witht the Charlotte office. They came in today and oh my goodness no one got any work done after we got them on the computer. We all enjoyed talking to each other.  I have a lap top that I bring home every night and the best part is my Aunt and Uncle in Indianapolis also have a web cam, so I got talk to them tonight and my little cousins! It was so much fun! I've grown up away from family.  They live in Kentucky and Indiana and I'm in North Carolina and can't believe I've gone so long without this.  I'm so telling my whole family to get one so we can talk! I'm also going to try to get Christian's family down in Florida to get one too! Have you ever used a web cam? If so what website do you go through? I've been using Skype...

Other than playing with the web cam tonight, I've been watching all my Tuesday night TV shows! Christian is still working the split shift tonight, so I've been hanging out with Buddy!

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