Sunday, November 15, 2009

Oh Beautiful Day!

Oh my goodness today was such a beautiful day! It was around 75 and sunny and we loved every minute of it! Today was such a good day and fun! We had a great time at church today and really enjoyed the service! This was only our second time visiting this church but we are really enjoying it! They are helping out around 45 families this year, so Christian and I choose a little boy and girl to buy for. I can't wait to go shopping for them, it makes me feel so good to help others, especially children! My company is also adopting a family this year and I can't wait to start shopping for them either!Christian, myself, and our family has so much already to be thankful for, I would rather help others out!
Here is a picture of me I took today while waiting to get out of the church parking lot. I've been taking pictures of myself since I got my hair cut short b/c I love it so much and I like seeing what it looks like in pictures! I know kinda weird. My hair is so easy to do now and I'm ready to go a couple inches shorter when I go back!

After church we met my parents, sister and her family for lunch at Logan's Roadhouse.  I used to work there through high school and college, so it is always fun to go and visit! We were all so busy talking and laughing at lunch I didn't take any pictures.  After we ate we went by my parents to pick a few things up and then headed home.
We spent most of the afternoon outside and walking Buddy since it was so pretty.  Buddy loved this weather, I had to make him come back in this evening.

Here is Daddy and Buddy! I'm suprised he is actually looking at the camera, it is so hard  get that dog to sit still to take a picture. 

And of course we had to get one of Mommy and Buddy! He would not let go of his toy, so the toy is in the picture.  We took him to the pet store this past week and he got this toy.  He has not let that thing out of sight since we brought it home. I mean he seriously sleeps with it on his bed, it's too funny!

And last but not least one of us...I think it turned out good for taking it ourself! We had such a good Sunday and loved spending it with the ones I love most!

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Beth Dunn said...

Great pictures. So fun! xoxo