Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Catch Up

We had a busy weekend and I was too tired to catch up last night!!!
Friday night I babysat for my boss, he has a little 10 month old girl and she is too cute!!! It was his and his wife's anniversary so I watched her for a few hours while they went to dinner! I figured I could use some practice anyways..HA! I didn't get the chance to take any pictures that night, but here is one from when she was in the office one day. (please ignore the beyond horrible picture of me)
Christian had some friends in town that he went to college with so we went to lunch and dinner with them! I did not take one picture this weekend of us all together! I guess I was to busy talking and eating when we were together. I did snap this quick picture with my phone on our way out the door for dinner!
I decided I want to wear heels out to dinner Saturday night and that was a bad idea! I barely made it back to the car, I told Christian I will be retiring my heels until after the baby arrives and we will decide then if they will be brought back out. My guess is probably not..HAHA! I've always loved heels, but not these days!
Sunday was nice and we got stuff done around the house. I guess I should say Christian got stuff done for me around the house, while I was on the couch! After cleaning Christian went to play golf and I went to my parents for the afternoon! My Dad gave Buddy a good brushing and bath for me! For some reason Buddy is the best for my Dad when it comes to bath time. Here is a picture of our sweet boy last night at bed time! He is so spoiled it's almost sad!
I wanted to share this picture of my belly I took today at work! I will be 26 weeks tomorrow and I'm really starting to feel pregnant! I'm exhausted all the time, HOT and sweaty, back aches, can't sleep, go to the bathroom 2456 times a day, indigestion, can't wear heels, and I'm starting to waddle when I walk..lol!
But this sweet baby girl in my belly is worth every bit of it!!!
I can't wait to meet you and love you and hold you in my arms sweet Macey !!!


Aishlea and Brandon said...

CUTE belly pics!

My doctor told me today that my heels would be retiring as I approached closer to 30 weeks! :) ha!

Lauren Kelly said...

Loving the belly. Can't believe how fast your pregnancy is going. She'll be here before you know it girl :)